Before inviting students, you need to create an Albert class. If you have not yet created a class, visit this article.

Inviting students to Albert allows you to create assignments and track student data with Albert's automatic grading tools.

To begin, navigate to the Classes tab and click the Invite Students button for the desired class.

On Albert, there are three ways to enroll your students:

  1. Class enrollment code

  2. Import Google Classroom

  3. Email invitations

Option 1 - Class enrollment code

You can view your unique class enrollment code by selecting Display class code on your Classes tab. Next, you'll need to provide your students with the unique class code so they can enroll in your class.

Instruct students to complete the following steps:

  1. Create an account, preferably using their school emails, if they don't already have one. If they have an account, they should log in at

  2. Direct students to click on their Classes tab at the top of the page and click Join a Class.

  3. Once they've successfully joined your class, they will see a green box that says "Success!". You can confirm that the student has successfully joined your classroom by viewing the Enrolled students on your Manage Roster tab.

You can regenerate a classroom code by clicking on the Generate a new code link found on the Display Class Code pop-up. Please note: if you click the button Regenerate code, only the newly generated code will work for students (your old classroom enrollment code will no longer work).

Option 2 - Import Google Classroom

If you use Google Classroom, you can use the Google Classroom sync to import your roster and enroll your students. Go here to learn more about this option.

Option 3 - Email invitations

This method sends your students an email invite to join your class. Students can then either log-in and accept the invite directly on Albert or click the link in the email they receive. If students aren't receiving Albert emails, check out this article.

  1. Select the Classes tab and select a class of your choice. Next, select the Invite Students button.

  2. Click the Invite by email button.

  3. A popup will appear. From here, you can either manually type-in student emails, copy and paste student emails from a spreadsheet, or upload a CSV with student emails. When finished, click Send invitations.

  4. Direct your students to follow the account set-up instructions in the email.

To help your students get started on Albert, we created this help center article and video. Share this resource with your students before they begin.

Once your students are enrolled, you will need to create practice opportunities for them! To learn more about different types of practice on Albert, check out this article.

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