Step 1: Create an account

  1. Go to Click Sign Up in the top-right corner.

  2. Either log in with Google or fill in the required information.

  3. Click Sign Up.

  4. Select I’m a student.

  5. You will then be asked to type in your age*

  6. If you typed in your email address above you will need to open the confirmation email that is sent to you and follow the instructions

*Note: Depending on your age, you will need a parent or teacher's permission to access the site.

Step 1a: Parent/Guardian Permission on Albert

Note: If you are younger than 13 years old, you will need parent or guardian's permission to get started.

  1. Enter your parent or teacher's email address into the box and click submit. You can resend this invitation at any point

  2. The designated adult will receive an email asking them to give you consent to use Albert

  3. They will have 14 days to click I consent or the invitation will expire and your account will be deleted

  4. If your parent or teacher selects I do NOT consent your account will be deleted

Step 2: Join a classroom

There are three ways for you to join a classroom on Albert.

Option 1 - Your teacher sent you an email invitation

  • If your teacher invited you to their classroom, simply click on the link in the email invite to be automatically enrolled.

  • If you've already created an account on Albert and are currently logged in, you can accept a classroom invitation from your classes tab as highlighted below.

Option 2 - Your teacher has given you a class code

After logging into Albert, click on the Classes tab at the top of the page, then click on the Join a Class button in the top right corner. Finally, add the class code given to you by your teacher. Note: The class code is case sensitive.

Option 3 - Your teacher created the classroom via Google classroom.

Simply create your account (step 1 above) and notify your teacher that it's ready. That's it! Your teacher will simply import your information when they're ready.

Step 3: Answer questions

In this step, we’ll review how to find assignments and search for individual questions.


Follow these steps to complete an assignment:

Option 1: At the top of your Classes tab, you may see a banner that says Past Due or

Due this Week. You can click on the assignment from this view to complete them.

Option 2: You can click into your Classes tab, then click into the class you would like to work on. The Assignments sub-tab will show any active assignments you have. Click on the assignment you wish to work on.

Click Start Assignment or Continue Assignment. Note: any assignments with a time limit should be completed in a single session.

Complete the assignment by selecting your guess and clicking the Next or Submit Answer button. Your answer will not be finalized until you click Submit Answer on every assignment question.

Independent Practice

For any subject that your teacher has unlocked for Independent Practice, you can navigate to the Classes tab, scroll to the bottom to select the subject, and click on a topic to start practicing, as shown in the gif below:

Learn how to search for questions when practicing independently.

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