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How do I import rosters from Clever?
How do I import rosters from Clever?

Learn how students can access Albert, create Albert assignments for modules and assignments, and import your roster directly into Albert.

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Note: Before you can import rosters from Clever, your school must configure the integration. School administrators can use these directions to learn how to configure a Clever rostering integration.

Importing Clever Classes for the First Time

You can import all your class rosters from Clever into Albert by following the steps below:

  1. Login to Albert via Clever. Follow these instructions if you’re not sure how to do this.

  2. From the Classes tab in Albert, click Import & Sync With Clever.

    Note: If you do not see the Import & Sync With Clever button, your school has not yet set up the integration.

  3. Read the message and confirm your choice by clicking Import & Sync With Clever

  4. Wait for the sync to complete.

  5. Review the status messages.

    1. If you encounter any error messages, please reach out to our support team through the chat or by emailing

Re-Syncing Clever Classes After Initial Import

After you import your classes from Clever, we will automatically sync your classes with Clever every time you login. You can manually trigger a sync at any time by clicking Sync With Clever from the Classes tab in Albert.

Existing Albert Classes

If you manually created classes in Albert prior to importing from Clever, we will not archive or delete those courses when you import rosters from Albert. Importing classes from Clever will create all new classes in Albert. For most teachers, importing from Clever after creating classes manually in Albert will result in duplicate classes in Albert.

Clever Data Removals and Deletions

We will always trust Clever to tell us the state of your classes.

If a class you previously imported from Clever is deleted within Clever or removed from your sharing rules by an admin, we will archive the corresponding class in Albert when a sync is initiated. If the class is un-deleted or re-shared, we will unarchive it when a sync is initiated.

If a student is removed from a roster in Clever, we will remove them from the roster in Albert when a sync is initiated. If they are re-added to that same class, we will un-delete them, and their former data will return. Students' mastery levels will transfer to the new class; however, student assignment data will not be saved.

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