Creating a class is the key to getting started on Albert. Classes allow you to grant students access to your school license, assign work, and access data reports.

How to create a class:

  1. Log into your Albert account and click the Classes tab at the top of your page.

  2. Click New Class in the top right corner.

  3. Create a name for your class, and ensure you are aligned to the correct school. If you are not aligned to a school, click here for more help.

  4. Click Create Class.

  5. Your class is now created and you can start inviting students to join your class. Your class will appear under your Classes tab under "Active".

Helpful Tips:

  • Most teachers name their classes after the Period number and/or the subject of the class.

  • Create different Albert classes for each class section so that you can analyze data by class.

  • To learn how to rename a class, click here. To delete a class, check out this article.

To learn how to invite students to join your class, check out this article.

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