Teacher-Selected Practice

Teacher-selected practice includes Assigning Questions and Creating Folders. This pathway allows you to control what questions students answer and allows you to select specific questions or topics for your students to practice. This pathway is great for targeted review, formal assessments, group work, and more!

Assign Questions

This assignment type allows you to select and assign questions within a single topic or unit in any Albert subject. Click into the desired topic, select the questions you would like your students to practice, click Assign and Assign your selection. You can filter by difficulty and usage (such as questions you have already assigned) or search by standard.


You can also place selected questions into a folder. A folder is your master copy of an assignment, allowing you to create multiple assignments from hand-selected questions. Folders can include questions across different Albert topics, units, and subjects. You can select specific questions to assign from any folder, Smart Assign questions in any given folder, or assign an entire folder to your students. This method allows for greater differentiation and re-take opportunities.

Albert-Curated Practice

Albert-curated practice includes Pre-made Assessments and Smart Assignments. This pathway is great for no-prep practice, formative assessments, benchmark assessments, formal exams, and more!

Pre-made Assessments

Albert Assessments are pre-created assessments found in the Assessments tab of a subject. Assessments provide curated practice opportunities that both align to state standards and mimic standardized testing guidelines. Assessment questions are hidden from students on Albert until they are assigned.

Smart Assignments

This assignment type allows you to set parameters for how many questions you would like to assign from a given topic or unit. Click into the desired topic and click Assign and Smart Assign to set your assignment parameters.

Note: Students will all be assigned the same questions. If you want to randomize the question order, you can do so on the Assignment Options page.

Student-Directed Practice

The final practice pathway is student-directed practice which includes Independent practice. This pathway empowers students to choose their own practice questions.

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