Albert offers a variety of ways for students to engage in meaningful practice. This article will focus on the two big ones: assignments and assessments


Assignments consist of teacher-selected questions that are directly assigned to students. With assignments, you have full control over what content your students practice. There are two ways to create assignments.

  • Quick Assignments: This assignment type allows you to assign questions within a single topic in any Albert subject. Click into the desired topic, select the questions you would like your students to practice, and then click Assign. You can filter by difficulty or search by standard as well.

Learn more about assigning questions.

  • Folders: You can also place selected questions into a folder. A folder acts like a master copy of an assignment allowing you to create multiple assignments from a particular selection of questions of your choosing. This method allows for greater differentiation and re-take opportunities. Folders can include questions across different Albert topics, units, and subjects.

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Albert Assessments are pre-written assessments found in the Assessments tab of a subject. Assessments provide curated practice opportunities that both align to state standards and mimic standardized testing guidelines. Assessment questions are hidden from students on Albert until they are assigned.

Consider using Albert Assessments for:

  • Diagnostic assessments at the beginning of the school year

  • Summative assessments at the end of a unit or school year

  • Benchmark assessments to show growth throughout the year

  • Backwards planning a unit based on the standards tested

  • Practicing testing for college exams like AP®, ACT®, and SAT®

Learn more about how to assign assessments.

Assignments and assessments are great ways to assign practice to students. If you'd like to provide a more student-directed approach to Albert and give students the ability to choose their own practice questions, learn how to unlock a subject for independent practice.

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