There are three ways for you to join a classroom on Albert:

  • Email Invitation
  • Class enrollment code
  • Google Classroom

Your teacher sent you an email invitation:

 If your teacher invited you to their classroom, simply click on the link in the email invite to be automatically enrolled.

If you've already created an account on Albert and are currently logged in, you can accept a classroom invitation by clicking on the notification bell, as seen below. 

Your teacher has given you a class code: 

After logging into Albert, click on the Classes tab at the top of the page. then click on the "Join Class" button in the top right corner. Finally, add the class code given to you by your teacher. (Note: The class code is case sensitive.)

Your teacher created the classroom via Google classroom: 

Simply create your account (step 1 above) and notify your teacher that it's ready. That's it! Your teacher will simply import your information when they're ready.

For more details on Student onboarding, go here:

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