With our Google Classroom integration, you can:

  • Import a Google Classroom roster to Albert.

  • Share Albert assignment links to a Google Classroom.

Setting up the sync

Step 1: Import student email addresses from Google Classroom 

  • Log into your Albert account

  • Click on the Classes tab

  • Select the class that you wish to import students to and click Invite Students

  • Click on Import Google Classroom

Step 2: Sign in to Google

When you click on Import Google Classroom, you will see the following pop-up.

Note: If you have already enrolled students in a classroom importing a roster from Google Classroom will remove all previously enrolled students from your Albert classroom who are not part of your Google classroom.

Step 3: Authorize Albert to access Google Classrooms

Once you click on Sign in to Google in the modal, you will receive this authorization request to allow Albert to have access to your Google Classroom data. To continue, click Allow

Step 4: Choose which Google Classroom to sync

After you authorize Albert to have access to your Google Classrooms, you should see the following prompt, which asks you which Google Classroom to sync with your currently selected Albert classroom. Simply select which classroom you wish to import, and click Import Class.

Step 5: Students are invited

Once you have selected a Google classroom and clicked on Import Class, your Google Classroom roster will be imported into your Albert class.

  • Enrolled: Any students that already have Albert accounts will automatically be enrolled in the Albert class and sent a notification email that they were enrolled. These students can be found under the Enrolled sub-tab within your class.

  • Invited: If there are any students imported from Google who do not already have an Albert account, they will receive an email inviting them to create their Albert account. Once their account is created, they will automatically be enrolled in your Albert class. These students can be found under the Invited sub-tab within your class.

Note: Grade syncing with Google Classroom grades is not currently available on Albert. We recommend using the Chrome extension Grade Transferer.

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