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Viewing your Students' Results
Viewing your Students' Results
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How do students take assessments?Learn how to complete an assessment on Albert.
How do students submit answers to FRQs?Learn how to support students in answering Free Response Questions within Albert.
How can I view my classroom and student data?Learn how to find and review student and classroom data on the Class Dashboard, Student Profiles, Assignment Data, and Reports tab.
How do I view student data by standard and take action?Learn how to analyze student performance by standards in assignments, assessments, or via independent practice.
How Do I Use Reports for Data Analysis?Learn how to use Reports for class, assignment, student, question and standards data analysis.
How do I view and export assignment data?Learn how to view and download students' performance on assignments and upload student data into your gradebook.
How can I monitor student progress in real-time?Learn how to view live assignment data and take action.
How do I use the Class Dashboard?Learn the basics of how to use Albert's Overview sub-tab to get a quick look at student usage and performance data.
How do I see detailed student data with Student Profiles?Learn how to view student data to conference with students, individualize their learning, and ultimately drive your instruction.
Why are my students listed as inactive?Students will only be listed as active if they answer a question.
What are Mastery Levels?Learn the accuracy cutoffs for Mastery Levels and where to find them on Albert.
What are points?Learn what points are, how they are calculated, and where to view your total point value.
How do I export my assignment data using Grade Transferer?Learn how to use the Chrome Extension Grade Transferer with Albert.