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Why are my students listed as inactive?
Why are my students listed as inactive?

Students will only be listed as active if they answer a question.

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After you've created a classroom and enrolled students, your students should have full access to your license.

However, you may see your students listed as inactive on your Class Dashboard. This number represents the students who are enrolled in your class but have not practiced during a given timeframe.

You will see the total number of active students and inactive students on the left side of the Class Dashboard, beneath the Subject of your class. Only active students will have tiles displayed on the Class Dashboard.

Students are listed as inactive until they have answered a question in the subject of your class. A student will become active when they answer a question on an assignment or on their own from the subject guide.

Helpful Tips:

  • Adjust your subject and date settings to see your preferred content and timeframe.

  • Teachers cannot activate their students. Students will become active when they answer a question from the class subject guide or an assignment.

  • To get your students started, create an assignment for them or unlock a subject for independent practice.

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