Only teachers with an active school license can assign assessments and only students who have been assigned an assessment can access them.

After assigning an assessment, your students can access it by following the steps below:

1. Sign in to Albert.

2. Click on the Classes tab at the top of the screen.

3. View assignments on the left-hand side. The assessment will appear there.

Alternatively, students can access assessments by navigating to their teacher’s classroom. Follow these steps to access the assessment via the teacher’s classroom:

  1. Click Go to Classroom on the class tile in question

  2. Click on the Assessments tab

  3. The resulting list shows assessments that the teacher has assigned for that course. You can filter this list to see open (i.e. assessments you need to submit), or closed assessments (assessments you submitted or are no longer able to complete).

  4. Click on the assessment you'd like to take. Clicking this will take you to the assessment details page. Each assessment is comprised of sections (e.g. Multiple Choice or Free Response) that can be accessed from this page. Each section has its own instructions and timer. You must complete sections in order and you can only access questions for the section that you are currently working on.

  5. To start the assessment, click Start assessment. After clicking this, you will land on the first section of the assessment. Your timer for this section won't start until you click Start Section.

  1. Once you click Start Section, you will be taken to the question list and your timer will start. The timer cannot be paused or reset once it starts. If you need to access the assessment details page while taking the assessment, you can click the View Assessment Details button at the top of the question list.

  2. You can answer questions by selecting or inputting an answer and clicking Submit. You cannot change your answer to a question once you click Submit and if you click off of a question, your selection will not be maintained.

  3. When you are finished with a section, you must submit it. If you answer all of the questions in a section, it will automatically submit. If you leave any blank, you will have to manually submit it. If you run out of time before submitting, you will still need to submit the section manually. You cannot move onto the next section until you do so.

  4. After you submit a section, you will land on the assessment details page with the next section selected. Your timer for the next section will not start until you click the Start Section button.

  5. For free-response sections, you will need to write your answers on paper or the provided FRQ response sheets when available and submit them to your teacher. Once you complete them on paper, you can click the Mark as complete button in Albert at the bottom right of the question.

  6. Once you complete an assessment, it will be submitted to your teacher. Results will be available either immediately after submitting the assessment or after the due date passes, based on the assignment settings selected by your teacher.

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