Visit the Insights Subtab

For a holistic view of student data, click on the Classes tab, choose the desired class and select the Insights subtab. The Insights subtab provides overall class data in the Metrics section, as well as detailed data by Students, Questions, and Standards in the Performance section.

Class data on the Insights subtab can be viewed in three ways: by Subject, Assignment, or Assessment. Within the Filters section, the Report Type menu allows you to select the data you wish to analyze.

Analyze Subject Data By Standard

If you want an overview of subject data, select Subject under Report Type. Next, select the subject that you teach. If you wish to narrow your analysis further, you can choose a specific unit or topic to view data from. This view allows you to see how students performed on all attempted questions in that unit, free practice, and assignments.

Once you’ve decided which subject data as well as specific units or topics you want to view, scroll to the “Performance” section, and click the “Standards” button.

Now you can see a table organized by each standard your students have practiced within that subject or unit. Hover your mouse over each standard to read its description. Additionally, the table includes the standard category, number of questions aligned to that standard, average time spent per standard, questions completed, and accuracy for each standard. This table can be filtered by both “Average Time Spent” and “Progress”.

Analyze Assignment/Assessment Data by Standard

If you want to view data from a specific assignment or assessment, visit the respective subtab to recall the name of the assignment/assessment you are looking to review. Return to the Insights subtab. Locate the Filters section and select Assignment or Assessment. Then type the assignment/assessment name into the labeled box below.

Once you’ve filtered the assignment or assessment data you want to view, scroll to the “Performance” section, and click the “Standards” button. Here you will see the same features as when you analyzed by subject.

Create Assignments by Standard

In the Performance section, take note of how students performed on each standard in the Accuracy column. Here you can easily see the standards students are struggling with and craft a plan to address their misconceptions.

In the far left column, there is a Find Questions button. This button will direct you to a list of all questions aligned to that standard within the subject. Here you can create targeted assignments based on student accuracy in order to review the standards students struggled with most.

Note: You will only see data on these tabs once you've created a class assignment or opened a subject for independent practice.

Standards Available on Albert

To make standard search easier across subjects, many of our standards include prefixes.


Standard Prefix

Common Core State Standards


Next Generation Science Standards


Advance Placement Standards

No prefix required

Pre-AP Standards


California Standards


Florida Standards


Louisiana Standards


Ohio Standards


New Jersey Student Learning Standards


New York Standards


Texas Standards


C3 Social Studies Standards


ACT Standards

No prefix required

SAT Standards

No prefix required

PSAT Standards

No prefix required

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