There are multiple ways to view your students’ Albert data.

Class Dashboard

  • Albert's Class Dashboard is the home page for your class. It gives you a quick, high-level overview of the usage and performance of your students.

  • This can be found under the Classes tab by selecting the Overview option.

  • Pro-tip: Use the Class Dashboard to view student performance on independent practice, track growth over time by adjusting the start date and end dates, group students based on accuracy, or host class competitions based on points earned.

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Student Profiles

  • Student profiles offer drill-down views of data specific to each student who has practiced in your class. 

  • From your Class Dashboard, click on any student's tile and explore their personalized overview, assignments, topics, and info pages. 

  • Pro-tip: Use Student Profiles to create tailored interventions for struggling students, track individual student growth over time, view the time students are spending on assignments, or understand topics that are causing students the most trouble.

Assignment Data

  • After creating an assignment you will have access to its Assignment Data including student and question-specific performances. This data will update as students continue to practice the assignment. 

  • This can be accessed under the Classes tab by selecting the Assignments option.

  • Pro-tip: Use Assignment data to assess student's progress on the material, view the questions students are struggling with most, or reteach or review commonly missed questions.

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  • The Insights tab includes additional reports to help teachers better understand student performance based on questions and learning standards. 

  • This can be accessed under the Classes tab by selecting the Insights option.

  • Pro-tip: Use Insights to determine the specific standards that need review, view questions within units and topics that need additional practice, or download the Response Matrix to conduct an answer analysis on questions within the subject.

Please note: you will only see data on these tabs once you've created a class assignment or opened a subject for independent practice.

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