Students earn points by answering questions correctly if it's their first attempt on that question.

Points are meant to be a minor award for students as they practice, rather than an informative measurement of a student's comprehension. 

To view more informative student and class data, we suggest viewing your students' detailed profiles or viewing your assignment data.

How are points calculated? 

If a student answers a question correctly on their first attempt, they're awarded points based on the difficulty of the question:

  • Easy = 15 points

  • Medium = 25 points

  • Difficult = 50 points

Where can I view points earned?

Albert students and teachers can view their total points earned in the navigation bar on the top left side.

Teachers can view the total number of points their class has earned in the Overview subtab of the class dashboard.

Teachers can view the total number of points each of their students has earned in their Student Profiles.

Learn how to incentivize points with this make Albert points meaningful resource.

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