How do I use the Class Dashboard?

Learn the basics of how to use Albert's Overview sub-tab to get a quick look at student usage and performance data.

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Albert's Class Dashboard is the home page for your class. Found on the Overview sub-tab within your Albert classes, it gives you a quick overview of the usage and performance of your students based on the filters you set.

Customizable Filters

In order to view the exact data you’re looking for, use the following filters:

  • Subject: If students in your class have completed practice from more than one subject, click this drop-down to choose the relevant subject or select All Subjects to view cumulative data.

  • Attempt Number: This will automatically show the student's Most Recent attempts on questions. However, if you have reassigned assignments or students are working independently on subjects, adjust the attempt number to view the data from previous attempts.

  • Date: View data from the current or previous week, month, school year, or insert custom dates.

Note: The dashboard will automatically filter to a specific subject and date, so be sure to adjust as needed to see the data you’re looking for.

Whole-Class Data:

The second row on the class dashboard will show class-wide data based on the filters that you set.

  • Active and Inactive: Active refers to the number of students who completed any practice in your Albert class during the set timeframe. Inactive refers to the number of students who did not complete any practice during that time.

    • Note: If you notice a large number of inactive students, double-check your subject and date filters to ensure you are viewing the desired information.

    • Note: Active and Inactive do not refer to a student's enrollment status in your class, which can be found in the People sub-tab.

  • Questions Answered: The cumulative number of questions all students have answered based on the subject, attempt, and timeframe that you set.

  • Points Earned: Students earn points when they answer a question correctly the first time. On the Class Dashboard, you can see how many total points your class has earned. Learn more about how points are calculated on Albert.

  • Average Accuracy: Based on the filters you set, the average accuracy will be from assignments, assessments, and independent practice.

  • Time Spent: The cumulative amount of time your class has spent practicing the subjects you have assigned or opened for independent practice, based on the filters set.

Student Mastery Levels:

The student cards are arranged in columns by Mastery Level. Within those columns, we provide three options for ordering the student cards:

  • Student name (ascending): This sorts the student cards by first name, ascending.

  • Total questions (descending): This sorts the student cards by total questions answered with the defined scope, in descending order.

  • Raw accuracy (descending): This sorts the student cards by raw accuracy on assignment, assessment, and independent practice questions attempted within the defined time frame, in descending order.

Note: Clicking on any student's card will take you into the Student Profile view, which provides more detailed reports about student usage and performance.

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