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Practicing on Albert
Practicing on Albert
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How do I view my active assignments?Learn how to find the open assignments that your teacher assigned.
How do I complete an assignment?Learn how to complete and submit an assignment on Albert.
How do I answer assignment questions?Learn how to answer and submit questions in an assignment using the "Skip for Now" and "Submit Answer" buttons.
What is the Elimination Tool?Learn how to use the elimination tool to help narrow down answer choices by hiding them from view.
How do I take an Albert assessment?Take full advantage of your Albert subscription by completing Albert assessments.
How do I answer FRQs?Learn how to write and submit your answer for Free Response Questions (FRQs).
How do I submit oral FRQ responses?Some AP® FRQs require oral responses. Learn a few ways you can submit your oral FRQs to your teacher.
Where are your FRQs and DBQs?Learn how to locate and assign document based questions and free response questions questions on Albert.
Can I unsubmit my assignment?Learn what to do if you have accidentally submitted your assignment.
How do I practice independently on Albert?Learn how to practice Albert questions on your own without your teacher assigning practice.
Student FAQs about Independent PracticeLearn about FAQs related to independent student practice.
How do I search for questions on Albert?Teachers and students can utilize the search feature to filter for relevant practice and assessment questions.
How can I view my data?Learn how to view your performance and grades so you can improve in areas that need additional practice.