Note: This article is intended for students who have purchased an Albert subscription. If you use Albert at your school, please disregard this article and connect with your teacher for practice opportunities.

Some Albert subjects offer assessments in addition to practice questions. For example, many of our AP® subjects offer full-length practice exams and unit assessments. You can use Albert assessments to practice for an upcoming AP®, SAT®, or ACT® exam or to assess your subject mastery.

To complete an assessment, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your subject

  2. Locate the Assessments tab

  3. Click View Assessment

  4. If you are ready to begin the assessment, click Start Assessment. Note: the assessment timer will start as soon as you click Start Assessment. Make sure you have time to sit at your computer to take the entire assessment.

  5. Complete all sections and submit

Once you have completed the assessment, you can view your results and Albert explanations. To view your results, follow these steps:

  1. In your subject’s assessment tab, click View Attempts on the assessment you completed

  2. Find your attempt and click View Results

  3. Here you can view your accuracy on each section of the assessment

  4. Click View on any section to view your guess and the correct Albert explanation

Note: If you are unable to view your results, go back into the assessment to ensure you submitted every section of the assessment.

After reviewing your results, you can retake the assessment or answer related questions in the Practice tab.

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