If you are enrolled in a classroom on Albert, there are two ways you can practice: your teacher can assign you work or you can practice independently.  

To practice on Albert independently:

  1. Go to Albert and log-in to your Albert account
  2. Click on ALBERT at the top left
  3. Locate your class subject(s)
  4. Example: If you’re in English I, locate High School Grammar, Confused and Misused Words, or Essential Readings
  5. Click on the green Practice button for the relevant Albert subject you’d like to practice

6. Notice your current proficiency levels by reviewing the color-coded labels at the end of the topic titles. Click on the topic that you’d like to do additional practice in

7. Begin practicing. You can complete previously answered questions as well as unanswered questions to increase your proficiency in relevant topics.

If you’re looking to practice a specific standard, read this help article to learn how to search your subject for questions by standard or keyword.

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