How do I answer FRQs?

Learn how to write and submit your answer for Free Response Questions (FRQs).

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When practicing on Albert, you may come across a Free Response Question. These open-ended questions invite you to read a prompt and craft a response that can be drafted and submitted in Albert.

To answer an FRQ, follow these steps:

  1. Open the assignment and select your question on the left-hand side.

  2. Read the prompt and determine what the question is asking. Note that there may be multiple parts to the question and your response!

  3. Type your response in the box provided below. Feel free to format your text as needed using the style buttons above the text box.

  4. Attach any associated video or audio files by selecting the landscape or links icons above the text box.

  5. When you've finished your response, click Submit Response. Your teacher will receive your response and provide you with a grade outside of Albert.

Note: If you click Next or leave the assignment, your response will be saved. Remember, you must click Submit Answer for your teacher to view and grade your response.
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