Albert does not yet support submitting answers to FRQs directly within the platform. However, there are several different ways to submit oral FRQs to your teacher. Check with your teacher on which option to use.


  • After you record, give your recording a name that helps you remember what it is. Check with your teacher about naming conventions.

  • For conversation questions, you can play the prompt simultaneously on your computer.

Step 1: Recording your Response

Option 1: Use the Voice Memos App on iOS Devices

  1. Open the Voice Memos application that comes standard on iOS devices. Hit the red Record button to capture your response. 

  2. Select the three dots in the bottom left corner of the recording file. Select Share to email the recording directly to your teacher or yourself, Drive to add the file to your Google Drive, or AirDrop to transfer the file to another device. 

3. Follow the instructions for “Turning in the Recording” in Step 2. 

Option 2: Use a basic audio recording website

  1. Open or a similar voice recording website. 

  2. Click the Record button to start making your recording. 

  3. When finished, stop your recording and click Save. Your recording will download as an mp3 file to your computer. 

  4. Follow the instructions for “Turning in the Recording” in Step 2. 

Option 3: Use a Google Chrome extension

  1. Open Online Voice Recorder Chrome extension. Then, click Add to Chrome.

  2. After clicking on the extension icon, click Record

  3. When you are finished recording, click Stop

  4. Then click Save

  5. Follow the instructions for “Turning in the Recording” in Step 2.

Option 4: Record a video

  1. Open Vidyard Chrome extension and click Add to Chrome.

  2. After going through the set-up process, click the extension icon. Make sure you have selected Cam Only

  3. Click Record.

  4. When you are finished, click Stop

  5. You can then copy the link for your video and share it with your teacher through email or Google Classroom. 

Step 2: Turning in the Recording

There are many ways to submit your recording to your teacher for feedback. You MUST check with your teacher about the specific way they want you to turn in your recording. 

Submit on Google Classroom

  • Open the assignment on Google Classroom

  • Upload the recording from your computer or your Google Drive

  • Select the relevant recording and submit

Email Recording to Teacher

  • Start a new email to your teacher

  • Attach your recording file

  • Send email

Note: If you are completing the FRQ as part of an assignment on Albert, please click Mark as Completed in Albert, so your teacher knows you've completed the question.

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