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What does the student view look like?
What does the student view look like?

Learn what a student sees when they log into Albert.

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While we currently do not offer a Student View or Student Mode, teachers can instead use this article to understand the student side of Albert to help students get set up and access assignments.

Classes Tab

From the Classes tab, students can access:

  1. Assignments - Students can access their currently open, scheduled, and past due assignments for all of their classes.

  2. Classes - These are all of the classes the student is currently enrolled in. They can add a new class using an enrollment code by clicking Join a class.

  3. Independent Practice - These are all of the subjects that the student can access to practice questions on their own.

Below is what the student Classes tab looks like:

Class Assignments and Assessments

When a student views one of their classes, they will be able to access any of their open or closed assignments and assessments. They can begin any assigned practice from here, and they can view the results of any completed assignments/assessments.

Reviewing an assignment or assessment

Subject Analytics

Students can view their performance data in any subject area they have practiced. My Subject Analytics is where students can view their best and toughest topics.

To access subject analytics, students can:

  1. Click on their username in the top right corner

  2. Select My Subject Analytics

  3. Choose the subject to review and select View Analytics

Account Information

In the top right corner, students can access account information, which includes:

  1. Profile - this includes Name, Username, Email and School Association

  2. Subscriptions - where personal subscriptions are listed. Nothing will be listed if they are accessing Albert from a school license.

  3. Password & Settings - change password or deactivate their account if necessary.

  4. Points - listed on the main navigation bar, points are awarded for correct guesses.

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