When your student has an individual Albert subscription or is licensed through their school, students can practice a subject and monitor their progress on topics within that subject. As a parent or guardian, you can also log in to your students' account to view their data within the course.

For students that purchased an individual subscription

Course Overview Data

The course overview data view allows you to view your student's most difficult and best topics in a particular subject area. You can also see how they are performing in specific units, topics, and subtopics within that subject. This allows you to easily prompt them to review topics that need additional practice.

To view your student’s course overview data, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your student’s Albert account (using their username and password)

  2. Click on your student's username in the top right-hand corner

  3. Click My Subject Analytics

  4. Locate and select the class subject(s) from which you’d like to view their data

  5. Select View Analytics

Once you select View Analytics, you can adjust the start date and end date to see your child’s performance over a particular time frame. For example, if you want to see the topics they struggled on in Quarter 2, you can adjust the date accordingly.

The toughest three topics are a good indication of which topics your student needs to review. In the image below, you can see that this student is struggling with Biases and Errors in Thinking (20% accuracy). Caregivers can prompt their students to click on “Biases and Errors in Thinking” to practice questions in this topic to improve student accuracy.

Additionally, to dive deeper into your student’s performance in a particular unit, you can scroll down to see their time spent, questions answered, average accuracy, and mastery levels for specific units and sub-topics. For example, you can see that Harry Potter is excelling in 1.5 Statistical Analysis in Psychology (86% accuracy).

It’s interesting to note that this student has only spent 5 minutes on "1.4 Selecting a Research Method." You could consider suggesting that your student spend more time thinking about the question before submitting their answer.

Subject-Specific Overview Data

The subject-specific overview data allows you to view your student's performance on topics within the subject guide, as well as questions they've gotten correct and incorrect when practicing.

To view their subject-specific overview data, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your student's Albert account (using their username and password)

  2. Click on your student's username at the top right

  3. Click My Subject Analytics

  4. Locate and select their class subject(s)

  5. Select Practice

Once you select and view your student’s subject, notice their current proficiency levels by reviewing the color-coded labels at the end of the topic titles. Click on the topic your student is struggling with to review additional questions and help them improve their accuracy.

Once you select the topic, your student can practice questions in the subject they struggle with. They can return for another try on previously unanswered questions or attempt new questions to improve your understanding.

For students with a license purchased by their school

Parents or guardians of students at schools that have an Albert license can view their student's course overview data, subject-specific overview data, as well as their assignment level data.

However, they can only practice questions within the subject on their own if their teacher has enabled them to practice independently.

Assignment-Level Data

The assignment-level data is only accessible for students at licensed schools. This data view allows you to view your student’s overall performance and grade on specific assignments in their class, as well as the questions they got correct and incorrect within the assignment.

  1. Log in to your student’s Albert account (using their username and password)

  2. Choose the class you would like to view their data from and select View Class

  3. Locate their assignments and view their grades

  4. Click on the assignment that you wish to analyze further

  5. Select View Questions to see questions they got correct and incorrect

Once you view their assignment data, you can review the questions they have struggled with on assignments. As you review the questions with your student, read through the explanations for individual background information and to better understand their error(s).

If you have questions while reviewing the assignment, reach out to your student’s teacher to let them know that your student may need additional support.

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