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Guide to Virtual School
Guide to Virtual School

This article will help you set up an online class and assign work to students no matter how your class is meeting.

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Albert makes it simple to create an online classroom, assign students relevant course material, and analyze student performance. 

Getting Started

View our teacher onboarding webinar to learn how to sign up, create a class, and enroll students on Albert.

Practice on Albert

Once you have created a class and enrolled students, you are ready to assign practice to your students. 

Assign Questions

You can assign selected questions from any topic or subtopic in just a few clicks. This is the best way to create a customized assignment because you can use Albert's guide levels, search, and filter features to quickly find and assign questions:

  1. Go to the subject that you would like to create an assignment for.

  2. Click into any topic or sub-topic you would like to assign questions from.

  3. Select the desired questions or the entire question list.

  4. Click Assign, then click Assign your selection

  5. Select the appropriate classes or students to whom you want to assign questions. After doing so, click Next.

  6. Fill out the required assignment options by creating a title and a due date, then click the green Submit button at the bottom of the page.

[Pro-tip]: Click the ellipses next to a topic or subtopic and select Assign All. Follow steps 5 and 6 to create an assignment with every question from the topic.

Independent Practice

Opening a subject for independent practice allows you to direct students to practice a particular subject without making an assignment.  Students will work through questions at their own pace and get immediate feedback. Students can click on the Library tab and practice particular topics and questions freely. However, if you wish to guide student practice, you can send any topic or subtopic URL to them directly.

[Pro-Tip]: Set a goal for students to answer a certain number of questions per week or month so that you can monitor their progress. 

Analyzing Data

Analyzing Assignment Data

Reviewing assignment-level data allows you to easily view how your students performed on a specific assignment. You can drill into assignment-level data to see how each student performed, as well as class averages for questions and standards.

  1. Click on the Reports tab from the primary navigation bar.

  2. Choose the desired class for which you’d like to review data.

  3. Choose the type of report: Assignments

  4. Adjust the filters and metrics to appropriately scope your data.

  5. To further distill assignment data, click on any row. You will automatically be shown how each student in your class performed on the assignment. You can adjust the secondary view to see how your class performed at the question or standards level for that particular assignment by clicking the dropdown menu.

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