Albert makes it simple to create an online classroom, assign students relevant course material, and analyze student performance. 

Getting Started

View our teacher onboarding webinar to learn how to sign up, create a class, and enroll students on Albert.

Practice on Albert

Once you have created a class and enrolled students, you are ready to assign practice to your students. 

Smart Assignments

This method allows you to make an assignment in under 5 minutes.

  1. Locate a given unit or topic on an Albert subject of your choice.

  2. Set parameters for how many questions you would like to assign from a given topic or unit.

  3. Click into the desired topic and click Assign and Smart Assign to set your assignment parameters.

Note: Students will all be assigned the same questions. If you would like to randomize the question order, you can do so on the Assignment Options page.

Learn more about Smart Assign.

Independent Practice

Opening a subject for independent practice allows you to direct students to particular questions without making an assignment.  Students will then work through suggested questions at their own pace and get feedback. Students can always click on the Library tab and practice particular topics and questions freely. However, if you wish to guide student practice follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Library tab and choose your course. 

  2. Search the guide by standard or/and tag to find aligned questions.

  3. Share the URL of your search results with students. 

  4. Students will be able to freely practice the same questions your search returned. 

[Pro-Tip]: Set a goal for students to answer a certain number of questions per week or month so that you can monitor their progress. 

Analyzing Assignment-Level Data

After students complete your assignment, you can view the assignment-level data to see how students did by following these steps: 

  1. Click on the Classes tab and select a class.

  2. Select the Assignments sub-tab.

  3. You will see an Assignments list and from there, you can click on any assignment to be taken to its data report view. A sample assignment list is shown below.

  4. Simply click on the row of any assignment to view more detailed data about student-level performance and question-level performance, aggregated across all your students.

5. Click on the row associated with any student to view detailed information about their performance. Alternatively, you can click on the button labeled Questions (as seen in the image below) to view performance data aggregated by question.

Analyzing Subject-Level Data

If you choose to have students independently practice, you have the ability to monitor their performance through the Insights tab. To do this: 

  1. Click on the Classes tab and select a class.

  2. Select the Insights sub-tab.

  3. Filter by Guide Level to the subject students are practicing. To go more in-depth, you can also click the drop-down to select a particular unit. 

  4. Select students to see how all students are doing in that particular subject. 

  5. Select questions to see student performance on particular questions in the subject.

  6. Select standards to see student performance on standards in the subject. 

[Pro-Tip]: If you select find questions, you will be able to search for questions that relate to a standard that students are struggling with and assign those questions to students. 

To learn more about getting set up on Albert, explore our Albert 101 mini-course on Albert Academy.

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