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What are Content Preferences?
What are Content Preferences?

Learn about Content Preferences and how it impacts your experience

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Content Preferences help educators by automatically filtering out irrelevant state standards and surfacing standards information based on the state and national standards you select (there is no impact on students). This means faster reporting by standards, targeted standards search, and more guided exploration of standards-aligned content.

In this article, we will:

  • Explain how you can easily edit your preferences settings

  • Detail how these selections improve your experience across Albert

Editing Preferences Settings

You can easily edit preferences settings anytime by going to your Account Settings.

Select Your Filtering Options

  • Confirm your state: This selection filters out irrelevant standards from states you do not want to see.

  • Select national standard sets: This selection is helpful if you teach an AP course, provide students with ACT practice, align to Common Core, or other nationally recognized standards.

Personalized Views

Preferences settings impact several views that display information about standards.

Reports Tab

Standards reports will automatically filter state and national standards that align with your preferences.

Assignment Builder

When viewing standards in the Assignment Builder and within Subjects, you will only see those that align with your preferences.

View Solution

When viewing a question and clicking “View solution,” the standards listed will be automatically filtered based on your preferences.

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