There are TWO ways to create an assignment on Albert:

  • Quick assign method: select questions within a topic or unit

  • Folders: select questions from multiple units and subjects

Quick Assign Method

You can start the process of assigning selected questions from any topic or subtopic in just a few clicks. This is the quickest and easiest way to create an assignment because you can use Albert's guide levels, search, and filter features to quickly find and assign questions.

How to Quick Assign:

  1. Go to the subject that you would like to create an assignment for (e.g. AP Biology).

  2. Click the into any topic or sub-topic you would like to assign questions from.

  3. Select the desired questions or the entire question list.

  4. Click Assign Selection

  5. Select the appropriate classes or students to who you want to assign questions. After doing so, click Next.

  6. Fill out the required assignment options by creating a title and a due date, then click the green Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Note: This method does not save questions to a folder. If you would like to save an assignment as a folder for future use, follow the directions in this help center article.

Folder Method

You can add questions across multiple units and subjects by creating a folder. Folders are saved year-to-year and can further be edited to fit individual student needs.

How to create a Folder:

  1. Go to the subject you would like to create an assignment for (e.g. AP Biology).

  2. Click the three dots to the right of any topic or subtopic that you'd like to assign. Below the Quick Assign button, you can select the Save to folders option as seen in the image above. Simply follow the on-screen instructions.

  3. Alternatively: If you want to select specific questions in an assignment folder, start by clicking on a topic or subtopic.

  4. Select some questions from the question list. You will see a gray area at the top of the question list with a button called Add to folder.

  5. After clicking on that button, you will be asked to select a folder to add those questions to. You also have the option to select New Folder to create a new folder to add the questions to.

  6. Once you select the folder, click Save.

  7. To assign the folder click on the Folders icon in the top right corner, click on the button labeled Actions, and click Create Assignment.

For the full details on how to create a folder, we have a full help article here.

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