As an administrator on your Albert license, you have the option to create “mega-classes” to provide students with self-paced practice for high-stakes exams. “Mega-classes” are created using the same process as a typical Albert classroom and have all the same functionality. However, “mega-classes” can hold up to 1,000 students for assignment-based or independent practice-based study.

Creating a “Mega-class”

To create a “mega-class,” follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Classes tab

  2. Click on the New Class button

  3. Provide your class with a title and select your school association

  4. Click Create Class

Once the class has been created, students will need to be enrolled. On the Classes tab, click the Invite Students button in the class tile. Here, you can see the four enrollment options. While any method can be used, there are a few best practices when deciding the best method for you.

  1. Invite By Email: This is the simplest way to invite all students to your “mega-class,” so long as students can receive emails outside of your school’s email domain. Click Upload CSV to quickly invite all students at once. Students will receive an email from Albert with a link to join the class.

  2. Display Class Code: While this option will require some communication between students and caregivers, this is the easiest way to have students join your class. Click the Copy Code link and paste it to a school message board, schoolwide email, or schoolwide LMS page. Students can log into Albert and join this code to enter the class.

  3. Import from LMS or Import from Google Classroom: If your school uses Canvas, Schoology, or Google Classroom and has LMS classes comprised of all students, you can use one of these integrations to seamlessly invite students to join Albert. Students will automatically be enrolled in the class.

Once students are enrolled, the last step is to provide them with practice. In the Library tab, you can open subjects for independent practice so they may begin practicing. Independent practice provides students with access to all of the questions in the Practice section of the subject, while FRQs and Assessments will remain locked to be used for high-stakes exams and practice. Follow these steps to open a subject for independent practice.

  1. Use the search box in the Library tab to search for the desired subjects

  2. On the subject tile, click the Practice Settings button

  3. Click the button next to your “mega-class” name

  4. When the button turns blue, the subject has been opened for independent practice

[Pro-tip]: Students in “mega-classes” can also be assigned Albert assignments or assessments.

Monitoring “Mega-classes”

Throughout the school year, student independent practice progress can be monitored in your “mega-class.” Navigate to the class’s Insights sub-tab to view student practice data.

In the Insights sub-tab, follow these steps to view student progress:

  1. Under the Report Type filter, select “Subject” and use the Subject filter to find the desired subject.

  2. To view progress over time, use the Date filters to view practice week over week, month over month, or quarter over quarter.

  3. In the Metrics section, you can see an overview of how all students perform, including the average accuracy, time spent, and unique questions students have answered.

  4. Under the Performance section, you can view student performance on each question, subject standard, and how each student is progressing.

Note: Due to the amount of data that mega classes accumulate, there may be a slight data processing delay for some reports.

“Mega-class” Use Cases

There are several ways to use “mega-classes” with your students. Most schools have used “mega-classes” in the following ways, but the options are truly endless.

  1. Open a college entrance subject (ACT®, SAT®, or PSAT®) for independent practice

  2. Open AP® subjects for independent practice during the Spring semester

  3. Assign college entrance or state assessments to “mega-classes” for self-paced practice

  4. Open middle school subjects for independent practice as additional study materials for students who need extra review

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