What are Mastery Levels?

Learn the accuracy cutoffs for Mastery Levels and where to find them on Albert.

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Mastery Levels are useful for quickly visualizing student performance instead of having to scan individual accuracy percentages. It saves time when analyzing results and creating student groups, as well as provides a common language around student performance.

How are Mastery Levels determined?

The Albert mastery levels and their accuracy percentages are:

  • Mastery - 90%+

  • Excelling - 80-89%

  • Proficient - 70-79%

  • Passing - 55-69%

  • Struggling - 0-54%

These are set by default in Albert and cannot be customized.  

How to View Mastery Levels

You can view Mastery Levels in the following places:

Class Overview Tab:

Reports Tab:

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