Admin Dashboard  

You can find your Admin dashboard under the Admin tab by clicking the ‘Dashboard’ button. If you are a school administrator and unable to access your admin dashboard please reach out to us at 312-470-2290 or

Your Admin Dashboard is the home page for your school. It provides you with an overview of your school’s usage and student engagement. It also serves as an easy launching point for finding more comprehensive data. The main features of this dashboard are the: 

  • Clickable summary cards: The summary cards provide a snapshot of your school usage data. Click into any of these summary cards to be taken directly to your school's usage reports. 

  • Student Use Graphs: The student use graphs are located on the bottom half of the admin dashboard. These graphs default to encompass this school year” but use the dropdown to scope for custom or other “quick option” time frames. 

Usage Reports 

You can access usage reports by clicking in from your dashboard summary cards or going to the Admin tab and selecting ‘Usage Reports.’ 

Usage Reports provide detailed data on your school’s engagement with Albert. This information is sorted into the following buckets:

  • Teachers: Usage by teacher includes the number of classes they have created, which subjects are contained in those classes, as well as their number of students and attempts. Click "View Classes" for any teacher to be brought directly to their Class tab. You can explore any class’s data from there. 

  • Students: For each student, you will see how many teachers they are enrolled with on Albert, the number of classes they are taking, which subjects they are practicing, and how many attempts that they have made. 

  • Classes: This data bucket will show you all of the classes associated with your school as well as their teacher, the subjects contained within them, as well as the number of students and their attempts. Click "View Class" to be brought to its Class Dashboard. 

  • Subjects: The subjects bucket allows you to see how many classes have been created in each subject, how many teachers are teaching that subject, as well as the number of students enrolled and their attempts. 

Customize Usage Reports
You can create custom usage reports by changing or updating the following features:

  • Sort data: Use any of the arrows next to each category title to sort that bucket’s data.

  • Date: The dropdown in the top left corner will allow you to scope by a ‘quick option” or custom date range. 

  • Search: The search bar will allow you to quickly find the specific information you are looking for in your report.

  • Expand data-view: Use the options button next to the search bar to include or eliminate the categories of your choice

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