After you are enrolled in a classroom, you will be able to complete assignments created by your teacher.


After your teacher creates an assignment, you can login to your Albert account and follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Classes tab, then click into the class you would like to work on. Note: You will see any past due assignments at the top of your screen. 
  2. The Assignments tab will show any active assignments you have. Click on the assignment you wish to work on.
  3. Click Start Assignment or Continue Assignment. Note that any assignments with a time limit should be completed in a single session. If the assignment does NOT have a timer, you can "submit" your answered individual questions, and return to the assignment at a later time to continue working. When you finished with the entire assignment, click "Submit Assignment" to turn it in.

Learn more about answering assignment questions here.

More of a visual learner? We made a short GIF for you on finding assignments:

How to get more practice?

On Albert you can also independently practice the topics you are struggling with. To search for specific questions, read this help article next.

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