Albert Academy Overview

Albert Academy is a space to learn all about Albert and best practices for supporting your students. Albert Academy consists of two sections: Courses and Resources.

This video provides an overview to Albert Academy and its features:


Albert Academy offers four learning pathways:

  • Albert 101: Learn the basics of Albert, including class set-up and assignment creation.

  • Assessments: Learn about each step of the assessment cycle.

  • Student Empowerment: Learn strategies to boost student engagement and participation.

  • Data Analysis: Learn how Albert’s data tools can support mastery in your class.

Each learning pathway contains courses, learning modules, and a quiz. The learning modules include videos, case studies, and practice exercises. The courses are self-paced and can be completed over multiple sessions.

The certification quizzes test your knowledge of the courses’ material. Upon completion of the Albert 101 quiz, you will earn Level 1 Albert certification. This certification badge can be shared with administrators or colleagues to demonstrate your Albert expertise and even added to your email signature or LinkedIn profile. To earn Level 2 certification, you will need to complete at least 2 of the 3 additional course quizzes.


Albert’s library of resources is designed to support Albert best practices. The resources are bucketed in the following categories:

  • Practice: Learn tips & tricks for implementing Albert in your daily classroom routines, including student-facing graphic organizers and worksheets.

  • Assessment: Prepare for high-stakes testing, including AP® exams, state-specific tests, and college entrance exams.

  • Engagement: Review strategies to support all learners, and promote collaboration within your class.

  • AP®: Resources and ideas to support Advanced Placement preparation.

  • Administrators: View suggestions for implementing Albert across your district, school, or department.

How to Access Albert Academy

Albert Academy can be accessed through the Albert website. The first time that you log in (and any time you clear your computer’s cookies), you will need to authenticate your account through a Magic Link. Subsequent times, you will remain logged in and will simply click on the Albert Academy button in the top right corner of your Albert homepage.

  1. Click Albert Academy

  2. Click Sign in via Magic Link

  3. Double-check your email address and click Send me a password link

  4. From the email sent to you, click Sign in to Albert Academy

Note: Ensure that the link is opened in the same browser that you are currently logged into Albert in.

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