Professional development is the best way to ensure high fidelity of Albert at your school. Whether it’s your first year with us or you are looking to take your Albert usage from good to great, both on-site and virtual PD makes a difference.

What we cover

Our trainings cover Albert-specific topics like:

  • How to use assignment tools

  • How to leverage our Insights data tool for improving student performance

  • How to easily isolate practice questions for specific standards

  • How to onboard students and teachers

  • How to build a culture of accountability and performance with our schoolwide data tools

  • Best practices and power user tips

  • Real-time feedback of what you’re already using Albert for

Results we've seen

Schools that implement with PD in their first year get results. In sampling 25 schools that rolled out Albert with PD against 25 that did not, we found:

  • Increased adoption. On average, teachers are more comfortable with and capable at creating assignments. First year schools who underwent PD created 150% more assignments than first year schools without PD.

  • Increased awareness and access. Not only do more students and teachers end up using the platform, but more subjects areas are exposed to Albert. Schools who had PD used Albert for 14 subjects on average, while schools without PD used Albert for 9 subjects on average.

  • Increased hours spent. On average, schools who had PD in their first year used Albert 57% more hours than those who did not. The average total for schools with PD in the first half of the 2017-2018 school year was 965 hours.

Next steps for you

An Albert team member should have provided you with a quote for your school implementation. Review that and then complete the following:

  1. Confirm PD has been included in your quote; if it is not, contact the Albert team to add it.

  2. Process the quote following your school’s standard purchasing process.

  3. Identify 3 dates that work with your school calendar for our team to fly out to you or dates and times for a virtual PD and communicate it to the Albert team.

Free services

In addition to on-site and virtual PD, we provide a comprehensive set of free on-boarding services to all of our school license customers. This includes...

Introducing Albert to your school

  • Teacher and student on-boarding.

  • Product and technical support with typically same-day response times.

  • Access to a dedicated Adoption Manager and Account Manager.

  • Regular check-ins from our team.

  • Updates on major feature releases and accompanying training.

Integrating Albert into daily instruction

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