How do I assign my selected questions?

Learn how to choose recipients, adjust assignment settings to best fit your class’s needs, and share assignments with your students.

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Once you have selected your questions to assign and clicked Assign, you’ll be taken to a three-step assignment creation process:

  1. Choose Recipients

  2. Assignment Options

  3. Sharing your assignment

Choose Recipients

After selecting questions, you’ll be taken to a screen that looks like this:

Click the appropriate boxes to assign your questions to an entire class or multiple classes. To assign to select students only, select the drop-down and then click the boxes next to each student’s name:

Once you’ve selected recipients, click Next.

Assignment Options

You are now ready to adjust the assignment settings.

Once you’ve selected your settings, click Submit.

Sharing Your Assignment

The last step is to share your assignment with your students. You can post the assignment directly to Google Classroom or copy and paste the link somewhere students can reference. Students can also find the assignment by logging into Albert.

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