In order for your students to access your school's Albert license, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Your school must have an active Albert license
  • You must be an approved teacher on your school's license
  • You must have students enrolled in your classroom

Once students are enrolled in your classroom, you must provide students access to specific subjects by either:

  • Creating an assignment
  • Opening up independent practice

Students and teachers may receive an upgrade message if any of the above steps have not been completed.

Additionally, if students try to practice a subject that isn't opened for independent practice, they will receive a message that says "ask your teacher to open up independent practice".

Note: Teachers without active school licenses can still access Albert's free courses with students.

Note: If you have purchased an individual subscription, your students will not have access to your purchase. You can purchase a license to provide access to your students. Read more about licensing options here.

Click here to learn more about opening up independent practice for students.

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