Starting with the 2017-2018 school year, we have implemented a new license granting model:

Students who enroll in an Albert class that belongs to an approved teacher at a school with an active school license are automatically granted licenses for the subjects associated with the class.

A school's seat count is calculated based on the unique number of licensed students at the school, regardless of how many subjects each of those students is using.

Administrators and teachers do not need to manually apply licenses to students. Setting up class rosters at a licensed school is all that is needed.

The process is simple:

  1. Create classes  
  2. Invite/enroll students in classes

The licenses are granted automatically upon student enrollment and deducted from the license.

If a school has an active license for all AP subjects and 500 seats...

  • An approved teacher who creates an AP Biology class and invites 30 students would use 30 of the 500 seats and all students who enroll would automatically have AP Biology access by enrolling in the class.

  • If another approved teacher at that school creates an AP US History class and invites the exact same 30 students, all of those students will now also have full AP US History access by enrolling in the class. However, since the same 30 students were enrolled, they are still only using the same 30 seats (leaving a total of 470 seats remaining on the school license).

Since licenses are granted automatically to students who enroll in a class at a licensed school, the following article might be helpful for creating classes and inviting students:

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