How do I filter questions?

Learn about different options for discovering questions by difficulty and usage, such as those that have already been assigned.

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Filtering question lists can help you narrow your search as you build assignments. All Albert questions are labeled with a difficulty level that can be filtered: easy, moderate, difficult. Additionally, lists can be filtered by questions that are not saved to folders and have not been assigned to students.

Navigate to the Library and find your subject. Next, select a topic or subtopic of questions, and click Filter.

Filter by Difficulty

Select Easy, Moderate, or Difficult questions. You may select multiple difficulty levels if you prefer. Once you have made your selection(s), click Done. All visible questions will be at the corresponding difficulty level, making it simpler to select the best questions for your students.

Filter by Usage

Albert offers several ways to filter by usage:

  • Answered vs. Unanswered: This describes whether you as the teacher have answered a practice question previously.

  • Saved to folders vs. Not saved to folders: This describes whether you have saved a question previously to a folder.

  • Used in assignments vs. Not used in assignments: This describes whether you have previously used a question in an assignment.

Once you have filtered your questions, select questions to assign by clicking the checkbox next to a question title.

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