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How do I sign up for Albert using Clever?
How do I sign up for Albert using Clever?

Learn how to use Clever Single Sign On to access Albert.

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What is Clever Single Sign-On? 

When your school uses Clever, you can sign into several platforms using your Clever account without having to memorize distinct usernames or passwords for different applications.

How do I know if my school uses Clever Single Sign-On?

If you are unsure of whether or not your school or district uses Clever, reach out to your tech administrator for more information. 

How do I sign up for Albert using Clever Single Sign-On?

Method 1: Through your school's Clever Portal

  1. Visit your school or district's Clever Sign-On page.

  2. Log in with your Clever account.

  3. From your Clever portal, click on the blue Albert icon shown below.

4. You're now logged into Albert through Clever Single Sign-On.

Method 2 - Through Albert's Login Page

  1. Visit and select the Log In button in the top right-hand corner 

  2. Select the blue Log In with Clever button

  3. You may be prompted to login to Clever, if you are not already.

  4. Now you're set to begin practice on Albert!

Note: Although your school may be supported by Albert's Clever single sign-on integration, your school's implementation may not include Clever rostering. This means that Clever may not be able to transfer your district or school's data to Albert to create student or teacher accounts automatically. Reach out to your school's admin to check if your school's license includes Clever rostering.

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