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How do I configure a Clever SSO Integration?
How do I configure a Clever SSO Integration?

Learn how to add Albert as an app on your school’s Clever page as a tech admin.

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Note: These directions are for a tech admin. If you are a teacher looking to import a roster from Clever after the integration has already been set up, directions can be found here.

To configure an SSO integration, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Clever as a district administrator.

  2. Click on the search bar from the home tab and type “Albert.”

  3. Click on the Albert app that is labeled as “SSO.”

  4. Beneath “Get started” fill out the form to send an integration request. Select “No Custom Launch Date” if you would like to launch your integration immediately. Otherwise, select your desired launch date for the integration.

  5. You will receive an email notification once someone from our team approves your request. Note if you are also configuring a rostering integration, we recommend sending this request at the same time. To learn how to send this request, go here.

  6. Click the link from the email or log in to your Clever dashboard.

    1. From the home tab, click on the search bar and type "Albert.”

    2. Click on the Albert app that is labeled as “SSO.”

    3. Click Begin setup.

  7. Complete the Clever sharing wizard. Select the sharing rules according to your school’s individual needs. Keep the following in mind:

    1. We recommend sharing by section. If you share a section with Albert, all of its teachers and students will also automatically be shared. You do not need to separately share teacher and student accounts.

    2. Sharing a user with us does not grant that user access to your license. Teachers will still need to be approved in Albert to access your license and students will only count towards your license seats if they are enrolled in a licensed teacher’s class.

    3. We do not process “staff” records. To create admins in Albert, reach out to your account manager.

  8. After you complete the wizard, you should see a green “Launched” badge next to the Albert app if your integration has launched or a yellow badge with your custom launch date if your launch date was scheduled for the future. Your SSO integration is now configured!

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