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How do I add Albert as an External Tool on Schoology?
How do I add Albert as an External Tool on Schoology?

Learn how to add Albert as an app on your school’s Schoology account as a tech admin.

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What does Albert’s Schoology integration provide schools?

  • The ability for students to automatically access Albert with their Schoology accounts

  • The ability to import student rosters from Schoology into Albert

  • The ability to sync grades from Albert assignments to the Schoology gradebook.

How do I add Albert as an External Tool on Schoology?

  • Go to the app center in Schoology.

  • Find the Albert app. You can use ctrl-f to search for “Albert” quickly.

  • Open the Albert app by clicking the name.

  • Click Install LTI 1.3 App.

  • Click I Agree to the terms to continue the installation.

  • Click Continue to continue with the installation.

  • Click Add to Organization.

  • You will be directed to Organization Apps to continue the installation.

  • Click Install/Remove displayed next to the app title.

  • If installing at the district level select either All Schools or Specific Schools.

    • Choose where you want to install the app:

      • We recommend All Courses - This will add an Albert link to the sidebar of all courses. If you select “Course Admins Only” the link will only appear for teachers/course admins and not for students.

  • Click Submit

  • Click Configure

  • Copy the deployment ID

  • Click Save settings

  • Fill out this form. The integration will not work until our team enables the integration from our side!

How do I add a grade passback integration if I already set up a Schoology SSO and rostering integration?

If you’ve already set up your Schoology integration for this school year, please complete this form to add grade passback to your existing integration.

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