What does Albert’s Canvas integration provide schools?

  • The ability for students to automatically access Albert with their Canvas accounts

  • The ability to create Canvas assignments and modules linking to Albert

  • The ability to import student rosters from Canvas into Albert

How do I add Albert as an External Tool on Canvas?

  • In the Admin tab on Canvas, select the account/school you want to integrate with Albert.

  • In the Developer Keys sub-tab, click the + Developer Key button and select + LTI Key

  • Input the following information:

    • Additional Settings:

      • Change Privacy Level to Public

      • In the Domain text box enter https://albert.io Do not put a slash at the end of this URL

    • Placements: Select Link Selection and Assignment Selection from the menu. Do not select Account Navigation or Course Navigation. We are still working on these updates!

  • Once you click Save your developer key should be added to the list. Make sure State is set to On.

  • Copy the number listed under Details above the Show Key button. This is called the Client ID*. Do not click on the Show Key button.

  • Go to the Settings tab.

  • Click on Apps and Choose View App Configuration

  • Click + App

  • Choose By Client ID for Configuration Type, and paste the Client ID from the starred step above (*) into the Client ID space.

  • Click on the settings icon next to the newly installed app and choose Deployment ID.

  • Copy the Deployment ID.

Visit the Canvas Help Center to learn about adding a Canvas Developer Key.

Which Canvas features are currently not available with the Albert Implementation?

  • Ability to search Albert assignments in Canvas

  • Ability to create links from Canvas assignments to Albert assignments within Canvas

  • Ability to link Albert assignments and Canvas assignments such that grades are automatically transferred from Albert to Canvas

Interested in using any of the above features? Send an email to success@albert.io.

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