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What do I do if I have two Albert accounts?
What do I do if I have two Albert accounts?

Learn how to transfer data, change emails, and remove unnecessary or old Albert accounts.

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Albert is best utilized with a single account. Changes to school emails or technology tools could lead to multiple accounts for an individual. At Albert, we recommend transferring your data to one account to limit confusion.

Transferring Data

Follow these steps to transfer class data utilizing the co-teacher feature. In this process, the user is transferring data from Account A to Account B.

  1. Go to the class with the data that you want to transfer for Account A.

  2. Go to the People tab and click on Approved to pull up the list of co-teachers.

  3. Add Account B to the co-teacher list by entering email B.

  4. Follow the steps below to deactivate Account A or contact your administrator to be removed from the school license.

Note: Account B must be created and added to a school license before it can be added as a co-teacher.

Updating Email Account

If you haven't created a new account yet, but know the new email that will be used, then you can request an email change by contacting Albert.

  1. Email or reach out to us via the chat box (bottom right corner)

  2. Share your original account email and what you would like the new email to be.

  3. We'll take care of the rest! Only Albert employees can update emails to prevent any accidental data loss or account mishaps.

Here's a sample email that you can copy and paste:


I have a new email and would like to update my account.

My current email is [INSERT EMAIL HERE] and I'd like to update it to be [INSERT NEW EMAIL HERE].



Deactivating an Account

If you are merging two accounts, as seen in example 1, we recommend deactivating the account you no longer need. Follow these steps to deactivate your old account:

  1. Click on the username in the top right corner

  2. Select My Account

  3. Go to Passwords & Setting

  4. Select Deactivate account

  5. Read over the considerations (in the screenshot below) and then select Deactivate account.

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