If you deactivate your account on Albert, you will no longer be able to access your classes or sign up for another account with the same email or username.

Steps to take to reactivate your account:

  1. Email hello@albert.io or reach out to us via the chat box (bottom right corner)

  2. Tell us that you would like to activate your account and share the username or email association with the account

  3. Only we at Albert can manually activate your account, so following steps 1 and 2 will be the quickest way to get back to practicing on Albert!

You can copy and paste the pre-drafted message below to send directly to our success team:


I accidentally deactivated my student account. Can you please reactivate it?




Please note: This article is to help students and teachers reactivate their accounts for Albert.io, an education company focused on supporting teachers and students with rigorous practice opportunities.

If you are looking for Albert.com, a banking application, this is not that website. To connect with Albert.com, please contact:
- Text: 63937
- Email: support@albert.com
- Twitter: @meetalbert

- Help Center: Cancelling your Albert.com account

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