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How do I get access to a school license?
How do I get access to a school license?

Learn how to contact Albert to purchase or renew your school license.

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Most teachers and students gain full access to Albert via a school license that is purchased by their school administrator.

Purchasing an Albert license for the first time

If you are a school administrator or teacher that wants to purchase an Albert license for your school for the first time, please contact You can also learn more about our licensing option here.

Renewing your Albert license

Albert licenses expire on July 1 of every school year.

If your school license has expired, you may no longer have access to Albert. To obtain access to Albert, you will need to renew your school's license.

  • If you are an administrator and would like to renew your school's license, email

  • If you are a teacher and want to renew your school's license, either use this draft email or send the pre-drafted email below to your administrator to begin your school's Albert renewal.


Our license expires every July 1. Before I can start using this year, I need our school to have an active license.

Have you connected with our school's Albert account manager to initiate our renewal?

Thank you,


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