You can use the Admin Dashboard to invite other tutors to your license and provide them with access. You should not invite students here, only other tutors.

You can see who has already been given access by looking at the “Approved” tab. The “Rejected” tab shows tutors that are associated with your company but do not have access to your license at this time. The “Pending” tab shows you tutors that are waiting to be approved by an admin and those that have been invited but haven’t created an account.

See the steps below to invite and approve new tutors.

Step 1: Add a tutor to your company license

1. Click on the Admin tab at the top of the site.

2. Select your tutoring company from the page.

3. Click on the "Manage Staff" tab.

4. Click on the button "Invite Members" in the top right corner.

5. Input a list of tutors’ emails, separated by commas. This list can either be:

a. Copy and pasted from an Excel file or CSV.

b. Manually entered.

Please note: Each time a single email address or group of email addresses is inputted, you must add a comma to the end of the list. The list of emails will appear as displayed below (in gray):

[Pro-tip]: If you accidentally added an incorrect email address, simply click the gray ‘x’ next to the corresponding email address.

7. Once you’ve uploaded the full list of tutors you wish to invite, click the “Invite” button.

If the emails were successfully sent to the list of teachers you uploaded, you will be notified. Teachers that are invited will not need to be approved later.

Step 2: Accept or reject tutors with accounts

In order for a tutor at your company to be licensed on Albert, each tutor must be approved by a company admin. You can always view pending tutor accounts in the tab labeled Pending, as seen in the image below.

  1. Select the Admin tab (top row), then the Manage Staff tab (second row from top), and finally the Pending tab (underlined in blue).

  2. Scroll down the page to view the list of tutors whose status is pending. There are two types of tutors on this page:

    1. Tutors who've received invitations to join Albert and have verified their email. These tutors will have a green "Approve" button alongside their names.

    2. Tutors who've received invitations to join Albert and have not verified their email. These tutors will have a blue "resend" button alongside their names. When these tutors accept their emailed invitations, they will be automatically approved, but you can resend invitations to remind them to set up their accounts.

  3. To approve or reject a tutor, simply click the appropriate button that corresponds with that tutor:

  • If you click Approve, the tutor is able to immediately begin using Albert with their classrooms and students.

  • If you click Reject, you will be asked to verify your decision. Please note: if you select “delete”, you will erase all data associated with the tutor.

  • 4c. If you click Resend, the tutor will receive an email from Albert prompting them to verify their account.

Step 3: Ensure tutors have created classrooms & invited students

You can use the Admin Dashboard to check on other tutors progress and support them if they need help

1. First, ensure there are no pending tutors waiting to be approved. You can always view pending tutor accounts in the tab labeled "Pending". Tutors can't create classrooms, invite students, and create assignments on Albert until you've approved them!

2. Second, use the Admin dashboard to review which tutors have created classes and enrolled students. You can view this information by clicking into the "Usage Reports" tab, as shown below:

Ongoing: Regularly review usage

The Admin tab gives you insight into your company’s usage at both a high level down to individual students.

Here are some best practices when reviewing usage:

  • Set concrete goals for each month, quarter, or semester around adoption. For example, by X date, all tutors have created a class, invited students, and made at least one assignment.

  • Create a schedule and block off time to review the Admin dashboard. We recommend every 2-4 weeks.


If your tutors aren't receiving your emails, add the following domains to your company’s allow-list. We send invite and confirmation emails from these domains.


If you are not seeing the “Admin” tab at the top of your page or need to provide admin access to another tutor, please contact us at, so we can grant you administrator privileges for your company.

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