As an admin, you control which teachers have access to your school's license. To view which teacher invites are pending, approved, or rejected follow these steps:

  1. Click into the Admin tab at the top of the page

  2. Select the Manage Staff tab

  3. Click on Approved, Rejected, or Pending to view which teachers are in each category. 

What is the difference between pending, approved, and rejected?

  1. Pending: Teachers who have neither been approved to use your school's license nor rejected from using it. The Pending staff column also includes teachers who were invited onto the school's license and have not yet created an account.

  2. Approved: Teachers who you or another school admin have approved to use your school license. 

  3. Rejected: Teachers who you or another school admin has rejected, meaning that they are not approved, and are not able to use your school's license.

Note: You can resend all signup emails to pending teachers by clicking on the ellipses. Additionally, you can approve all pending teachers by clicking on the ellipses and clicking Approve All. Both options are shown in the image below.

Learn how to manage staff on the admin dashboard.

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