Invite Teachers

To invite teachers to your Albert license by way of email invitations, follow the steps below:

Select the Admin tab (top row), the manage staff tab (second row from top), and the pending tab (underlined in blue), as shown in the image below. 

  1. Click the green “Invite members” button

  2. Input a list of teachers’ emails, separated by commas. This list can either be

  • Copy and pasted from an excel file or csv

  • Manually entered

3. Each time a teacher’s email is input and followed by a comma, the system adds their email to the list, as displayed below

If you accidentally added an incorrect email address, simply click the gray ‘x’ next to the corresponding email address. 

5. Once you’ve uploaded the full list of teachers you wish to invite, click the “Invite” button.

If the emails were successfully sent to the list of teachers you uploaded, you will be notified with the following message: 

Approve or Reject Teachers

If teachers are not invited to their school's Albert license, they can still request access but must be approved by school admins. Similarly, teachers that should not be using the platform need to be rejected.

In order to approve or reject teachers, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Admin tab, from there click 'Manage Staff,' and you will be brought to the 'Pending' section , as shown in the image above.

  2. Scroll down the page to view the list of teachers whose status is pending. There are two types of users on this page
    i. Teachers you’ve sent invitations to who have not verified their email addresses
    ii. Teachers who created an account and requested access on their own

An example is shown below:

3. To approve or reject, a teacher, simply click the appropriate button that corresponds to that teacher. Teachers who have verified their emails will have an 'Approve' button associated with their email address.
4a. If you click 'Approve,' the teacher will be moved to the 'Approved' section and is able to immediately begin using Albert in their classroom.
4b. If you click 'Reject' you will be asked to verify your decision, as shown below. Those users will be relocated to the 'Rejected' section.

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