What is Google Single Sign-On? 

When your school's accounts are managed by Google, you can sign in to several platforms using your Google account without having to memorize distinct usernames or passwords for each application

How do I know if my school uses Google Single Sign-On?

If you have previously used, or have the option to select the Log in with Google, as pictured below, your school uses Google Single Sign-On. 

How do I sign up for Albert using Google Single Sign-On?

  1. Visit Albert.io and select the "Sign Up" button in the top righthand corner 
  2. Select the Google address you want to associate with your Albert account 
  3. Select "I am a Teacher"
  4. Fill in the required account information

How do I access my account after signing up with Google Single Sign-On?

In the future, log in to your Albert account by selecting the option to Log In with Google. So long as you select the Google address you associated with your Albert account you will automatically be redirected to you account. 

Next Steps

  • Google Classroom: If you want to learn how to sync your Google Classroom roster to your Albert account please click here
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