Albert content is aligned to learning standards that are taken directly from the curriculum guides such as Common Core State Standards, CollegeBoard, Next Generation Science Standards, etc. You can find questions aligned to learning standards using our search tool, which can be accessed from any subject guide or from your Classroom assignments tab by clicking Find Questions.

All Albert searches are based on exact matches. The means that the broader your search term, the more likely you are to find results. For example, if you search for the label "HS-LS1-1," you will find only results with that specific label. If, however, you search just "HS-LS," you will see results for "HS-LS1-1" and "HS-LS3-1."

Searching for a known standard

If you know the name of the standard you are looking for, type it into Albert's search bar and choose Standard from the dropdown menu.

Searching for similar questions from a question

If you are have already found a question on Albert aligned to the standard you are searching for, you can find other similarly aligned questions by clicking on a standard at the bottom of the question explanation.

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