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How do I share an assignment with another teacher?
How do I share an assignment with another teacher?

Learn how to save your assignment to a folder so you can share it with colleagues.

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Saving an Albert assignment to a folder will allow you to share a copy of the assignment with other approved Albert teachers.

Save Assignment Questions to Folder

To begin, click the Classes tab and select the class where the assignment already exists. Navigate to the Assignments sub-tab. To share the assignment with another teacher, we're going to first add the assignment questions to a folder using these steps:

  1. Find the assignment you wish to share

    1. [Pro-tip]: You can search assignments by title or use the filter options at the top right of the screen

  2. For the relevant assignment, click Actions on the far right column

  3. Select Save questions to folder

  4. Choose to add the questions on that assignment to an existing folder or create a new folder

Share Folder Link with Colleague

  1. Navigate to the Folders tab

  2. Click the kabobs next to your folder and select Copy Link

  3. Paste the link in an email to another Albert teacher

โ€‹Note: Once another teacher has accessed your folder link, Albert creates an identical copy of the folder on their Albert account. Any changes the other teacher makes to their folder will not impact your original shared folder.

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