What is my computer clipboard?

You may see the word “clipboard” used throughout Albert when copying a link. For example, when copying a link to a Folder:

Your computer clipboard is a way of copying data until you share or “paste” it. Once you have copied something to your clipboard, you can paste that link to your web browser, in an email to another teacher, or post it on your classes’ Learning Management System (LMS). To paste, use command-v or control-v, depending on your computer.

What links can I copy on Albert?


After creating an assignment, click Copy Link and paste it to your classes’ LMS.

Note: you can follow the same steps after assigning an Albert Assessment.


You can share your Folders in Albert by copying the link to the folder (see the first picture above) and sending that link to a colleague. Additionally, you can share your Folder in Albert’s Teacher Folder Repository and, while you’re there, discover folders that others have created to share with your students.

Note: Students cannot access folder share links.

Class Code

If you’re enrolling students into your class on Albert using a class code, you can have the option to copy a link to the code to your clipboard. This feature allows you to quickly share the code with your students.

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