When you assign an assessment on Albert, students cannot pause or exit from an open exam section. However, students are able to pause or exit the exam between sections.

For example, this AP® Calculus AB Exam below shows two sections of multiple-choice questions and two sections of free response, for a total of four sections. Each is given 60 minutes or less. Therefore, students can work on one section a day for four days as long as class periods are at least 60 minutes long. The time that is provided on Albert is the official time allotted per AP® exam guidelines. 

However, if you have shorter class periods, you may need to create custom time limits so that you can assign an exam across multiple days. For example, this AP® English Language exam below shows a section of multiple-choice questions and a section of free response questions, for a total of two sections. Since the allotted time for free response is 135 minutes, students will run out of time if they try to complete this section in one class period. 

This is where custom time limits are helpful. Students can finish the multiple choice questions in one class period (as long as the period is at least 60 minutes long). However, in order to allow students to complete the free response over 3 class periods, you must increase the timer to 4320  (3 days). When you create this custom time limit, students will be able to exit and re-enter the assessment as often as they’d like for the full duration of time.

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