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Can students retake an assignment?

Learn how to reassign practice to allow students to retake an assignment.

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While there is not currently a way to give students multiple attempts within a single assignment, you can re-assign an assignment with a click!

To re-assign an assignment, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your class dashboard and click into the Assignments sub-tab.

  2. Find the assignment you would like to re-assign and click Actions.

  3. Click Re-assign.

  4. You will be brought to the first page of the assignment creation flow.

  5. Select the class or student you would like to retake the assignment. [Pro-tip]: To send the assignment to a particular student, click Select Students next to the class title to reveal a drop-down of all of the students in your class.

  6. Customize your assignment settings. Give your assignment a title so students can quickly tell that this is an assignment that has been reassigned. (For example: "Chapter 2 Quiz, Attempt 2")

  7. Click "Create Assignment."

[Pro-tip]: You can use the re-assign button to quickly assign the same material to different class sections.

Note: Even if an assignment has been re-assigned, students will still have access to the original assignment. If you would like to provide students with an additional attempt, you will need to change the assignment settings of the original assignment. We recommend creating a due date far out in the future and selecting to Show correct answers and explanations after the due date has passed.

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